Commercial Inspections


Thermal imaging has become an effective tool in electrical and mechanical distribution system predictive maintenance, improved workplace safety and reduced insurance costs.

Infrared Systems is a full service provider of inspection services for petro-chemical, manufacturing, commercial construction, mining and retail clients.

We understand the importance of well-maintained and safe electrical and mechanical equipment and our certified thermographers assist in reducing downtime cycles and unscheduled maintenance costs.

The following procedures are followed in performing a thermal imaging inspection

  • Visual and thermal inspection
  • Test and evaluate voltage, amperage and power factor when necessary
  • Compare nameplate capacity versus actual load conditions
  • Identify potential power quality issues.
  • Follow up inspection report with recommendations

Do to your critical dependence on your electrical and mechanical distribution system, we will conduct a similar analysis and provide you with a similar report, including trending, every time we conduct a regularly scheduled inspection.

LFIR p640Inspection

Here are many of the common benefits of an Industrial Infrared Survey.

  • Reduce downtime and emergency repairs.
  • Reduce man-hours spent on preventive maintenance by pinpointing areas that need repair.
  • Locate potential problems and "shake down" the electrical systems prior to plant start up.
  • Minimize scheduled maintenance times by allowing for spare parts to be on-hand prior to shutdown.
  • Identifies roof leak areas before they become major roof replacement projects.
  • Evaluate and verify repair work.
  • Extend equipment life. Increase reliability of plant power distribution system.
  • Promotes a more efficient preventative maintenance program.
  • Prevents accidents, personal injury and property damage. Prevent risk of fire due to electrical failure.
  • Reduce casualty loss of equipment.

Predictive Maintenance Examples

Switchgear loose buss bar connection

Switchgear - Loose Buss Bar Connection

At a manufacturing plant, this loose bolt increased the temperature of the buss to 252.2 degrees F. Staff tightened the connection and reduced the temperature to 103 degrees F. preventing an electrical emergency and downtime

Transmission and Distribution Lines - Bad Connections

Transmission and Distribution Lines - Bad Connections

While performing a check of a pumping station, incoming service was scanned and detected  a loose connection which were 141.3 degrees F. a 67.1 degree rise over ambient. Repair prevented a power outage or phase loss to the station
Motor starter disconnect - bad connection

Motor Starter Disconnect – Bad Connection

This connection was 217.6 degrees F. a 93.4 degree rise over the other connections. After repair, the voltage imbalance in the motor was eliminated and the motor ran cooler increasing its life and reducing energy consumption.
Window and Siding - insulation and sealing failures

Window and Siding - Insulation and Sealing Failures

A home water heater leak caused siding and insulation damage. Repair costs were approximately $500. Energy saving over $2000 a year
Circuit breaker Panel – Faulty Splice Connection

Circuit breaker Panel – Faulty Splice Connection

This splice connecting aluminum and copper conductors was 392.5 degrees F., a 250.7 degree rise. QUESTION—Would you prefer to find this problem during an infrared inspection or until it causes an emergency?

Are Infrared Inspections Cost Effective?

The schedule below shows the estimated replacement costs of equipment that can be damaged by faulty connections or components. These costs are for the replacement equipment and labor costs only. They do not include replacing conductors and cables, repairing other damage caused by fire or smoke, overtime, production losses, etc.

Infrared Inspections are a cost effective method to:

Approximate cost to replace damaged connections or components.
400 Amp 480V 3Ø Fused Disconnect $800 to   $1000
600 Amp 480V 3Ø Fused Disconnect $1,500 to $1,800
600 Amp 480V 3Ø Molded Case Breaker $1,600 to $2,000
1200 Amp 480V 3Ø Molded Case Breaker $2,400 to $3,000
NEMA Size 5 Starter $5,000 to $6,000
600 Amp 15KV 3Ø Fused Disconnect $7,000 - $9,000
10 ft of 2,000 Amp 480V 3Ø Bus Duct $8,000 to$10,000
2,000 KVA 13,200/480V Oil Filled Transformer $25,000 to $30,000