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"Avoid equipment failure, downtime and costly repairs" We understand the importance of a well-maintained and safe electrical and mechanical distribution system and increasing insurance costs.


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Infrared Systems is proud to represent the best manufactures of thermal imaging camera systems as well as security cameras, other specialized thermal imaging and analysis software developers. We are an authorized dealer for:

We have been providing infrared camera solutions for business and
industry for over 15 years as well as contract inspections and consulting.

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Thermal Imaging:

A thermal imaging camera or infrared camera system detects heat patterns or temperature changes in objects. These changes allow the end user in industries such as electrical / mechanical, building, manufacturing and gas detection to discover problems prior to costly downtime and repairs.

The Thermal Revolution:

Security and public safety professionals know the value of reliable and effective tools (security cameras), 24/7 –365 days a year, in rain, fog or snow.  Thermal imagers (sometimes referred to as infrared imagers, thermal cameras or infrared cameras) don’t use visible light to make a picture giving them a distinct advantage over low light and daylight cameras.

The Next Generation:

Discover the next generation of thermal imaging cameras, with unprecedented speed, performance and flexibility, without reflections in applications such as advanced composite NDT, aircraft inspection systems, advanced NDT for solar panels and NDT for metallic’s and ceramics.
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